Positive pranic food list pdf

This is for spiritual seekers who want to evolve spiritually by using every little support that life offers. I have consolidated below list of tips which can easily be integrated in your daily lifestyle along with sadhana that you do regularly.

What Sadhguru Eats? - Sadhguru Diet Plan - Sadhguru Latest.

Make sure you read all the 35 points especially the last one. The below are only guidelines and recommendations, please implement what is possible for you taking into consideration your personal situation, the people you live with and your work situation. None of these are mandatory. Silence will breed wisdom.

Sadhguru : Shutting your mouth is only half the job. To become silent is possible only when you do not think much of yourself.

You tell me. Information like reading too many new age spiritual books, web-surfing, social media, YouTube etc. Internet keeps you entertained for hours but it is just information all over the place, most of that information is of no significance to earnest seekers.

So be conscious what you take inside. Never try to make spirituality into an academic subject But if you try to practice devotion, it creates problems because the line between devotion and deception is very thin — it will lead you into so many kinds of hallucinations.

So you cannot practice devotion, but you can do certain things so that you arrive at devotion. If you just recognize one thing, you will naturally become a devotee: the cosmos is very large.

You do not know where it begins or where it ends. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies. In this vast cosmos, this solar system is a tiny speck. If the solar system disappears tomorrow, it will not even be noticed in the cosmos. In this tiny speck of a solar system, planet earth is a micro speck. In this micro speck of a planet, the city you live in is a super-micro speck. In that, you are a big man!

This is a serious problem of perspective. It is only because of this that there is no devotion in you. This is happening to people all the time, right from their birth. Look at yourself or anyone else around you — are they experiencing the bounty of what life is offering all the time? How many people are experiencing all that is beautiful around them? The air that they breathe, the water that they drink, the food that they eat — how many of them are truly enjoying it?

They think there is some greater purpose other than life. They have a mission of their own. If we see that everything is beyond our understanding, whether a leaf, an ant or an atom, it would be natural to bow down. Every time a cloud moves, the breeze moves, another human being comes, a dog comes, a cow — anything, a tree moves, your breath moves in and out — bow down. Bow down to every dimension of life, because all of it is superior to your intelligence.

Within 40 minutes after sunset, look up at the sky and once again bow down to the etheric space around us that is holding everything in place. If you get akash to co-operate with your life energies, life will happen in magical ways. An intelligence that you have never thought possible will become yours. If you just learn to walk with a sense of wonder towards existence, you will not escape a spiritual process.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site.

Food not only nourishes the body, it affects the mind and consciousness as well. As our physical constitution is characterized by different proportions of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, we also have a mental constitution determined by the sattva, rajas, and tamas.

These three qualities are universal and equally necessary to maintain our psychological balance. Sattvic qualities imply essence, reality, consciousness, purity, creativity, and clarity of perception. People in whom sattva predominate are loving, compassionate, and pure — minded. They tend to have positive behavior, and love for all beings. They do not become upset or angry easily.

They look fresh, alert, aware, and full of luster and are recognized for their wisdom, happiness, and joy. Satvic individuals do not get mental fatigue, although they work hard mentally, so they need only four to five hours of sleep. Rajas leads to the life of sensual enjoyment, pleasure and pain, effort and restlessness. People in whom rajasic qualities predominate tend to be egoistic, ambitious, aggressive, proud, and competitive and have a tendency to control others.

They work hard and like power, prestige, and position and are perfectionists. They suffer from a fear of failure, tend to be angry and jealous and to have few moments of joy. Rajasic individuals are quickly drained of mental energy; they require 8 hours of sleep.

Individuals dominated by tamas tend toward depression, laziness, excessive sleep, eating, drinking, and sex. They may be greedy, possessive, attached, irritable, and uncaring toward others. How we respond to events and circumstances depends on the specific balance of sattva, rajas and tamas in our mind.

The basic nature of the mind is creative or sattvic, with just enough rajas and tamas to bring desires to fruition. It is vital for health and happiness to keep this balance for our life to move in a progressive direction.The path of meditation requires a moderate, regulated life, avoiding too much or too little food, work, and sleep, or use of the senses.

The attention must abide in the soul all the time. For such a person, yoga destroys all sorrows. Your body is a vehicle. Life has manifested itself through this vehicle. Your relation to food is an indicator of your relation to other aspects of your life.

What you put in your body has a direct effect not only on your body but also on your mind and soul —on how you lead your life. If your food is full of Prana, life force, it will give you the ability to live your life to your fullest potential. Food that is pure, full of Prana and prepared with love, meditation and good healing vibrations gives you much more than just the feeling of satisfaction to the taste buds. It nourishes your body, mind, senses and soul while increasing physical energy, positive thinking, creativity, longevity and heightened awareness of life in all its beauty.

It brings you closer to the Divine state.

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Sattvic food — Food that is primarily whole foods, plant based, lightly spiced, using no oil so that you feel refreshed and charged. Six tastes of Ayurveda — Sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent and bitter.

Meals that incorporate all these tastes are satiating and flavourful. When you eat according to your constitution you help maintain equilibrium in your body. Well-balanced — A common cause for indigestion and lack of energy after a meal is more often an imbalance in the combinations and proportions of proteins, carbs and fat.

A meal that is balanced in these gives you a boost of energy and vitality. Right portion — The quantity of food we need varies a little every day based on our daily activity. Eat only as much as you are hungry and only when you are hungry. For optimum digestion it is recommended to eat a little less than you desire. Other helpful tips are eating in smaller servings rather than one big serving, eating out of a soup bowl inside of a big dinner plate.

FOOD WITH PRANA: 12 principles of Ayurvedic food

Healthy variety — Meals prepared using a variety of vegetables, roots, greens, fresh herbs, whole grains, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and spices all provide the complete range of nutrients.

Seasonal — Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables helps you keep in sync with the cycles of nature. For example, your desire to eat more fresh green, hydrating vegetables in the summer complements the optimum season for these vegetables just as your desire for dense warming vegetables like winter squash and beets coincides with its abundance in the colder climates. You get the most nutritive value out of a fruit or vegetable when it is eaten in its season.

They have to be as natural as possible. Cooking method — Cook food only to the extent to make it digestible, while retaining most of its nutritive value.

A special ingredient — Preparing a meal with a positive intention, love and healing vibrations, mantras and prayers makes it even more potent and rich with healing properties. Mind-spirit Mind-spirit See all. Conscious Creativity See all.

Wholistic Health See all.It would make a great deal of sense to know clearly the difference between foods that cause degenerative diseases and those whole, natural foods that are far less likely to cause such diseases and to remain perfectly focused on only the foods, herbs, supplements and habits that heal.

Click on above image for a sneak preview of a diet for spiritual enlightenment.

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If the few who have this rare ability are indeed living entirely on prana, then some form of nourishment must be happening from another source such as prana or quantum energy which is everywhere in nature and throughout the universe.

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Some very rare gene may be present in certain lucky individuals allowing for long periods of survival without food, or even water in some extreme cases such as in the amazing case of Prahlad Jani. However a similar effect can be achieved by the average person through the use of prana foods or some sort of prana diet that consists entirely of food that only increases one's ability to absorb quantum or cosmic energy from nature and the universe.

One knows this effect happens when the diet eaten creates an enormous rush of energy in the body, rather like a deep sense of bliss or ecstasy as all the tension in the body dissipates and nothing but a sense of Spirit or space is left over.

From here on in, it becomes easier and easier to live without as much food as one used to feel was required. For your diet to act as a pranic diet, one's body needs to be constantly detoxified with antioxidants and a great deal of high pH mineral content water such as ionized water, Microhydrin silica hydridedolomite and a small amount of sea salt must be taken between meals to cleans and rejuvenate the body.

This form of "anti-acidic" water works to stop unnecessary food cravings and addictions while filling the cells with vitality and ecstasy.

Snacking is to be completely avoided, because that habit creates too many problems with tooth decay, digestion, food addictions, and of course is the obverse of getting pranic nourishment or nourishment from one's natural state of bliss or prana. The prana food diet itself must consist mainly of a palaeolithic or preagricultural high protein, high fat diet that enables the person to go a long time without food or fast for a long time between every meal.

Yes, the diet is high in fat but must not contain any fried fats or oils of any kind. The fats come mainly from nuts and seed, eggs, fish and chicken or turkey. If one can do without the fish and turkey, then all the better, however I found it impossible to go without a certain form of meat, but never red meat.

Rarely is it necessary to eat red meat, which is from mammals like us.

positive pranic food list pdf

Eating red meat is form of cannibalism in a sense, which must come from out distant cousins the cows, lamb, swine and buffalo, not to mention the tremendous waste of food needed to raise these creatures while massive quantities of methane is released into the atmosphere causing much of the serious climate change that is presently ravaging our planet.

Nevertheless, if one can fully understand the palaeo diet, how it works to really keep blood sugar more stable, and how it keeps appetite under control at all times, one will fully appreciate its healthy effects.

Other foods in this diet include all the raw vegetables, raw fruits and raw juices and some whole grains such as brown rice and raw oats, but of course never any bread, crackers, doughnuts, or pizza, etc.Historically, sugar was used in its unrefined, raw form, taken directly from sugarcane juice.

Clarified juice was boiled to a crystalline solid, broken down into gravelly masses and consumed as sugar. Today, however, much of the commercially available sugar is chemically processed and refined.

The American Heart Association differentiates between intrinsic or naturally occurring sugar, which refers to the sugar found naturally as an integral constituent of fruits, vegetables, and milk products, and extrinsic or added sugar, which refers to sucrose or other refined sugars added to soft drinks, food, and fruit drinks.

Their report suggests that there may be evidence that high sugar consumption could worsen atherosclerosis hardening of the arteriesdiabetes control, and contribute to nutritional deficiencies. Note: Today, super-phosphate is added in some types of jaggery as well. White, neat-looking jaggery is super-phosphate jaggery. It should be avoided.

Note: Honey should not be cooked. That makes it poisonous.

Positive Food

Mix honey with tepid or warm water, not in boiling hot water. Honey should also not be given to children under the age of one. Only children below three have the necessary enzymes to digest milk completely.

Except for a few regions in the globe, milk is mostly indigestible for a majority of adults worldwide. The undigested milk is mucous-forming and causes lethargy. Yes, milk has traditionally been believed to be a good source of calcium.

But there are several other good sources as well. Whole Grains see belowlentils and nuts are an excellent alternative to milk, in order to get the daily dietary requirement of calcium. For example:. Note: Peanuts must be soaked for a minimum of six hours in water, which takes away certain aspects which in Ayurveda are called Pitta.

If you eat peanuts without soaking them, it tends to cause rashes and nausea. Note: Horsegram tends to increase the level of heat in the body, which can help tide over coughs and colds during cloudy and rainy weather.

positive pranic food list pdf

However, when the sun is up, if the horsegram is heating the body up, it must be balanced by eating sprouted green gram.Our bodies are made up of food. Literally, our cells, our bones, our tissues, and organs are built from the nourishment that we provide our body through the foods that we eat. With this in mind, it is easy to see the importance of proper diet.

Most people think of food as separate from themselves — an external substance foreign to the body, but this is not the case. Food is essential to life, your life, and the kinds of food you eat directly correlates to the intelligence of your body, to your ability to experience higher states of awareness, and to maintain God-Realization.

Below are three lists with some generally guidelines as to what foods are negative, zero neutral and positive when consumed. People, who tends to get cold often, can take ash gourd with pepper and honey. Honey : It is similar to the chemical structure of human blood in a certain way. It is the best replacement for sugar. For people who suffer from anaemia, honey is a good medicine.

Dubbi sul padrino p.ii [archivio]

Ground nut : When soaked in water for 6 to 8 hours, ground nut makes a wholesome food. For people who suffer from asthma, this is an excellent remedy. We can live well by taking only soaked ground nuts and fruits. Coconut : It is a positive prana food. People who suffer from asthma should avoid coconut as it creates mucus. Greens : Greens are good; however we have to cook and eat it. Spices : Spices are rich in prana; however, it should be used in moderate levels. If used excessively, it deteriorates the spiritual circumstances.

Sugar : Instead of using white sugar, we can use Jaggery. When we buy jaggery, please make sure that it is not mixed with super phosphate. Palm sugar is really good of all. Zero prana food doesn't increase or decrease our prana energy.

positive pranic food list pdf

It is taken only for taste. It includes tomato, and potato. People who are affected by gastric trouble must avoid potato. If you take too much of zero prana food, it will make you lazy. Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet. They are low in calories and nutrient dense, which means they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

Try to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day and with every meal—the brighter the better. Colorful, deeply colored fruits and vegetables contain higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—and different colors provide different benefits, so eat a variety.

Aim for a minimum of five portions each day.Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev explains yogic food we should eat, and he talks about which food to avoid. If you want to increase your life energy and energy in your life in general, just watch this and take the simple necessary steps.

Sadhguru explains different type of foods and certain foods we should avoid for feeling the life energy. There is a saying that we are what we eat.

positive pranic food list pdf

We should eat what our body needs not our mind. There are certain foods which are energetic by nature and there are certain foods which are lethargic by nature. Positive pranic foods are mainly raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. By eating positive pranic food we create more energy in our body and it helps to reduce and increase the quality of our sleep. Whereas negative pranic foods are mainly nerve stimulants like coffee, tea, sugar, onion, garlic and similar stuff.

By taking these kinds of food you create more lethargic nature in the body. So we should eat more positive pranic food. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Source: This wonderful recipes was created and inspired by….

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Your email address will not be published. Thank you for this. I have saved it, for those that need to take better control of their body, but do not know how.

I personally know people who never eat veggies and have mostly potataoes rice fish red meat and are absolutely healthy.

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What may work wonders for one man may kill another. How are vegetables a positive pranic food when there is not a single animal on earth which has vegetables as its natural food? Yes, this is true. Find me one single animal whose natural food are vegetables as we know them. I've heard this about garlic and onions before. Anything with that protective skin can be very toxic to the body!

Macrobiotics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

I'm all for eating well… but according to the UN report on life expectancy, India ranks th. And a hamburger eating nation, like America ranks 43rd. Japan, a fish eating nation ranks 1.

I am of western thoughts but I can learn. What is the balance of positive and negative pranic foods? Every food on the negative list was being praised previously in the video. Get my head around the concept that "negative" does not mean "bad". He forgot to mention most imp thing that is cow piss and cow dung along with licking balls of govt for personal interest.

Lolz he is swine faced butt head fake and copy of osho. Pay attention to the positive pranic food list.

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